Circle of Joy
Circle of Joy
This registry will help us keep you better informed.  It will also allow us to build and maintain a family directory with essential information.  We need your help, please take a few minutes to fill in the information below and encourage other family members to do so.  The more we can share information with family members, the greater our family circle of joy becomes.  If you have family members who do not have or utilize the internet, obtain their permission to record their information in this registry.  You can enter your picture in the "Then and Now"  section of our registration form.  We would enjoy seeing your pictures and appreciating life's changes.   Your time and cooperation in completing this information is greatly appreciated.  We believe, as our ancestors did, "Family is Important".

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Retired Widowed 3
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"Al" Crump (Madison)
Teacher Married 4
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion in 2006. On March 28, 2006, I became a first time grandmother. My oldest son, Dave Cardwell and my daughter-in-law, Hyeseung, had a son. His name is Noa Nam Cardwell. They have relocated from Wellington, New Zealand to Vancouver, British Columbia. Tonia just completed her master's degree at OSU. She will do her internship in the Columbus city schools, during 2006-07. Jason will be leaving for Columbia University at the end of August. He returned from Guatemala, working for Peace Corps, in March of 2006. He will be in a master's program for bilingual education. James is at home, working very hard. Greg and I are enjoying the summer and getting plenty of sunshine of the tennis court. Love, "Al" (Crump) Madison Send "Al" a MessageSend "Al" a Message
Adrian Smiley Jr.
Divorced 3
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Adrian T. Smiley
Insurance Sales Married 2
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Alisa Wilhite
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Accountant Divorced
Alise Atkins (Hoover)
Safety Associate Married 1
I am the daughter Michele (Rowan) Patterson and David Atkins. I am the granddaughter of Lillian (Henderson) Foster and Jerome Rowan. My husband is Adam Hoover and my son is Liam Hoover. Send Alise a MessageSend Alise a Message
Allyson Cannon
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 I have not been to many but I remember my grandmother Lorean Phelps Hayden getting a group of her family to attend the Family Reunion of her mother-in-law, Lela Rowan Hayden, who is the daughter of Levi and Mary Rowan. Though no longer living in Danville, IL I have been able to attend the 100th and the 125th while living in Houston.  When I hear people talkng about family reunions I take much pride sharing how long the Rowan Reunion has been in existence, my Family Reunion.  I certainly appreciate all the information shared this past weekend and the website.  It was great seeing all the generations that participate and the hard work that I know goes into all that we see.  Well as one of my friends said to me when I told her about the scholarships and business meeting that are a part of the Reunion "Your family has it going on!"  Yes. my family does.  God willing, we'll see you next year and years after that.  Much love Send Allyson a MessageSend Allyson a Message
Ann Shively (Branch)
HR Recruiter Married 3
We look forward to the reunion and continuing the rich history of our ancestors and relatives. Send Ann a MessageSend Ann a Message
Ann Branch
HR Generalist Married 3
Excited about the upcoming Reunion in Owensboro - 1st live reunion in several years due to COVID.  We are truly blessed!!  Send Ann a MessageSend Ann a Message
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