The Rowan Family Reunion, for the 123rd Celebration, was one of the best we have had in many years. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed every event planed by the Owensboro Planning Committee.  We owe our Thanks and Gratitude for the outstanding job they did for us all.  Take a look at some of the pictures I have added for the 123rd Rowan Family Reunion.  Lee Crump was the photographer capturing most of the events.  We thank Lee for his time and contribution to our family.  

Start planning for our next Family Reunion in Indianapolis Indiana.

Owensboro Planning Committee Members:

Marilyn McKissic 

Kenny Rowan

Brenda Dungehy  

Jeanette Rowan-Jones


Thank God for His Blessing upon this Family.  Jesus is the Truth, the Light, and the Way.  

Owensboro is where we first began our Rowan Family Reunion.  It would not have been possible but for those who understood the value of Family.  We have had 122 consecutive family reunions, to this date.  This too was made possible by Family we loved and still value to this day. I thank everyone, including those who have crossed over, and those  who helped make this Reuion one of the longest running in this country. Our youth are critical to its continued success.  Their contriutions have already been noticed and will continue to take greater roles throughout the years.  Thank God for Our Family.

Bruce Crump 
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