Annual Business Meeting
Rowan Family Reunion  
Sunday Aug. 20, 2017 
Louisville Ky 

The 122nd Rowan Family Reunion business meeting was called to order by President Bruce Crump at 9:30 AM with prayer by Gerald Shively at the Ramada Plaza.  The family enjoyed bowling on Friday, reception on Friday and Saturday night, wonderful picnic at the beautiful Veterans Memorial Park, and a fantastic banquet the night before.

Traditional activities that were done at the banquet were as follows:
1. Higher Education Gift/Thruston Scholarship: One recipient 
    each, see below
2. Gift Recognitions at the banquet wer to:
    The Oldest       Fred D. Page Sr.. 92 June 24th,        
    1925/   Edsel Thruston - 90ty

     Youngest -       Katherine Joy Rowan Burrelis - age 2 
     (daughter of Kelly Burnells, VP)

     Furthest Traveled     Russell Coverdale, Washington, D C

3.  Memorial:  Gerald Shively

4.  Golf & Tennis Awards Gerald Shively and Vern Rowan

5.  Collection: Rowan Reunion Scholarship was $464
     Reunion $300

Minutes were given out and read by Secretary Phyllis Dowe from the 121st Rowan Family Reunon Business Meeting dated Aug. 21st, 2016 in Indianapolis, IN.  Minutes were corrected, approved by Sandra King and second by ??? We hope to have the minutes on the website.

Treasurer's Report  Cousin Stephanie Wimsatt had reports to pass out for the Rowan Family Reunion account at PNC.  The acccount includes three records.

12/28/16   Rowan Reunion Total Balance  $9,629.98
 07/27/17  Louisville Seed Money - $500   $8,471.50

                         Website 3 yrs.    -299
Rowan Family Reunion Scholarship $3,422.50
Thruston Family Scholarship Fund  8/10/17 $1,500.00
Rowan Reunion     $5,049

Adrian moved that we accept the report and Verne seconded.

2016 Indiananpolis Reunion Final Report-Chairman Adrian Smiley:  Our Family Matters, Let the Tradition Continue.  The 121st reunion had 103 paid family members and guest in spite of the weather.(10 attended the dinner only & 1 atended the picnic only). $6,266.24 was collected by check, cash, money order or EventBrite.  The affle generated $400 and $463 was collected at the reunion.  Expenses:  Banquet - $3,120, Conference Room for Sunday - $300, Picnic - $1275, Story Teller - $50, Shelter - $125, Friday Night Reception $116.51, T-Shirt - $834.78, Admin Expenses - $247.29 and Memorial Service $122.69 - $75.72 was returned.
Gerald moved to accept the report and Vivian seconded.

Higher Education/JRC Memorial Scholarship - Phyllis Dowe:  There were no applicants this year.  So Phyllis tried to contact the runner ups from last year.  Out of the three, Samuel Fields and Mya Alexix Rowan were the only two that responded but the committee, Shephanie Wisatt, Bruce Crump, Edsel Thruston, Beverly Woodard Randle, and Kelly Rowan Burrell decided that Samuel Fields was next in line for the first Edsel Thruston Family Scholarship Fund of $500.  Josephine Rowan moved to accept report and Gerald seconded.  

Condolences:   Phyllis Dowe:   Thanks to Wanda Bennett and Adrian Smilie for passing on this information by email.  Family members that died in 2016-2017 were read at the banquet and read again.  The lost family members are as follows:

1.   W. A. Howard, age 83, died March of 2017 in Owensboro.  He was the father of Charmlin Howard, a Shively descendent.

2.  Thelma Rowan Wickliffe, age 91, died April of 2017 in Lexington.  She was the daughter of Henry & Daisy Rowan, granddaughter of Levi & Mary Rowan, great granddaughter of Harry & Catherine Rowan and mother of our historian, Wanda W. Bennett.

3.  Donald Leo Moorman, age 84, died May 27, 2017 in Owensboro.  He was the son of Fannie Hayden, grandson of Julian Rowan Hayden, and great grandson of Henry & Caterine Rowan.

4.  Bernice or Marvine Hayden William's funeral was May 9th in Owensboro, age 93.  David Hayden, the brother and some other family members came for the first time from Detroit and Chicago after hearing about the renion.  (Aunt to Yvonne Hatchett)

The Rowan Reunion Family Chain of the broken link was sent to the above family members and extended family by the secretary.  Please contact us as soon as possible to receive a condolence in a timely manner to Phyllis Dowe at 317-631-0303,, Adrian Smiley,, or Wanda Bennett  Motion was moved and second. 

Sunshine Band:  Valerie Morton - No report for sickness.  She can be reached at 645 Bishop Dr.  Lexington, KY 40505, 859-351-6779 and her email address is

Desendent Roll Call - Phyllis Dowe
Mary Munt - Jiles Richardson - 2 (previous marriage since the reunion started to honor her)
Henry - 17, Gates - 0, Ed - 3, Levi - 42, James - 0, Hiram/Tops , Annie - 0   
64 in the room at the time

Old Business
Website is on 2nd out of three years of being paid.  Marcia Brown sent $100 with $50 for the reunion and $50 for scholarship but only wanted a T-Shirt that was gladly given.

New Business:
123rd Rowan Family Reunion Site:   The 2018 reunion will take place in Owensboro, Ky and Kenny Rowan took the reunion banner.

There was some discussion as to whether the 125th reunion would be in Louisville or Owensboro.  Louisville have already looked into some fundraising because of the rotation in the schedule, but it was stated or assumed that someone thought the special years wer to be in the home place - Owensboro.


No time for Family News due to limited time for the use of the room and check out.

Worship Service:  Prayer, song - Constantly Abiding Abiding and message were given by Gerald Shively about Unity & Priority, God's First Family.  We closed out the 122nd reunion with "What a Fellowship and our Chain of Love by Geneva Kelly Mitchell.


Submitted biy Cousin Phyllis Dowe, Secretary


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