We proudly celebrate eight generations of the Rowan Family.
Our ancestors endured numerous challenges in their lives, that made the life we have more enjoyable.  Growing up, most of us can remember hearing our grandparents talk about how blessed they were even though they didn't have much.  It was a time when church was church and everyone praised God's holly name.  The preachers preached and the choirs sung, and you knew God was there.  A time when it was not unusual to see parents in church with their children.  Much has changed since those days, but something that will never change, is God's undying love for us.  Those of us who are saved, know there has been no greater sacrafice than the one Jesus made for you and me on calvary.  We as a family are thankful to God and want that part of our lagacy to survive until the end of time.  

This page will feature a "Family Prayer" from one of our relatives.  You do not have to be a preacher, deacon, trustee, or choir member to submit a family prayer.  The only requirement is that you are family and have accepted Christ as your savior.  We will rotate prayers quarterly or more often depending on submissions.    If you would like to submit a prayer to be feature on this page, please use the "Contact Us" page to let us know
.  Your "Family Prayer" is appreciated.

The moderator for this site has the responsibility for selecting the prayer to be posted .  If possible, prayers should be emailed to this site and typed in microsoft word format.  Those not having access to the internet can mail their prayer to:  Bruce Crump, 505 Upper Hines Creek, Richmond Kentucky, 40475.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Our Family Prayer


Rev. Harold Crump


Our Father, the I Am that I Am, who spoke all of creation into existence, and who sustains all things by the power of His word. Blessed and holy is thy name. We humbly inter into thy presence, in the name of Jesus, our Elder Brother. We as a family want to say “thank you” for how you have blessed the Rowan family down through the years. We are looking forward to our one hundredth and eleventh 
consecutive year of celebrating with our loved ones. We know that only the faith of loved ones that have gone on before us, and the faith of those living today is responsible for our family still being together. We ask that you increase our faith, and give us the determination to live a life that is well pleasing in thy sight. We ask you Father, to forgive us our sin debt, as we forgive others. Create in each one of us a clean heart and renew a right spirit within us. Then Heavenly Father, we can teach the transgressor thy way. We pray Father for those who have lost loved ones (our cousins), since the last time that our family met together. We pray also Father, for our loved ones who are growing feeble and weak. We pray for our loved ones that are sick in there physical bodies. We pray for those who have not taken the time, to build a relationship with you. Father, if it is in your will, that we come together this August, let us not forget that the foundation of this family was built on the prayers of those who have gone on before us, and that we are your extended family. Lord, please bless all whom your son, gave his life for, and we offer this family prayer, in your son’s “Jesus” name. Amen !

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