We want to thank the planning committee in Louisville for making this 116th family reunion the success that it was.  A special thanks goes out to Ann Branch, the committee chair, who made certain everyone had a great time.  Ann and her committee members provide the family with information several months in advance to help in our planning.  We received information on activities planed, lodging, registration cost, and accommodations to make this reunion enjoyable.  We know there is alot of work that goes into planning the reunion and ensuring everyones needs are met.  We, as a family, are deeply appreciative of the work and sacrefices made by all who contributed to the success of the 116th family reunion.

You can view pictures from the family reunion by accessing the Photo Album link.  I have one album that features some of our youth that attended the reunion ... they are "our future" for many more years of  celebrations of our Rowan Family Reunion.  We will add more pictures later so check back to see the activities that made this reunion a success. 

The 117th family reunion will be in Owensboro Kentucky in August of 2012.  The planning committee have already began work to make the return to the city, that hosted most of our Rowan Family Reunions, a special celebration.

Celebrating the 116th Rowan Family Reunion in Louisville Ky

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