Circle of Pride
Circle of Pride

         Harry & Catherine Rowan

The history of our family traces back to Harry Rowan who was born in 1805, and records indicate he died in Kentucky.  He married Catherine who was born in 1807 and also died in Kentucky.  They were together on Dr. Alexander Rowan's Plantation located in Ohio County, Kentucky.  Harry Rowan was a shoe maker and a Baptist.  They had seven children:  Henry Rowan, Gates Rowan, Ed Rowan, James Rowan, Annie Elizabeth Rowan, Hiram Rowan, and Levi Rowan.  They were all born in Ohio County, Kentucky.

Henry Rowan was a slave of Dr. Alexander Rowan.  He married Mary Munt and to that union came seven children, namely, Harry Rowan, Annie Maria Rowan, Louise Catherine Rowan, Minnie Rowan, Julia Rowan, James Rowan and Volley Rowan.  

Gates Rowan had one child named Katie Rowan.  Katie was a school teacher who married Saul Richardson. 

Ed Rowan was born in September 9th, 1841.  He married Louisa Richardson.  They had seven children, namely, Willie Rowan, Elvis Rowan, Comia Rowan, Ella Rowan, Buckner Rowan, Maud Rowan, and Jeanie Rowan.  

James Rowan was born October 1843.  He married Ellen Rock on May 27, 1868.  Children of James and Ellen are: Gratney Rowan, Hubert B Rowan, John Rowan, Crit Rowan, Annie Rowan, George Rowan, Mary C Rowan, G Rowan, and two others whose first name are unknown.

Annie Elizabeth Rowan was born September 1856.  She married Noah Bell on March 1st, 1877.  Children of Annie and Noah are:  Finis Bell, Auther Bell, and Ulysses S. Bell.

Annie Elizabeth Rowan was born September 1856.  She married Noah Bell on March 1, 1877 in Owensboro, Kentucky.  Anna and Noah had three children.  Their names were Finis Bell, Auther Bell, and Ulysses S. Bell.

Hiram Rowan was born on June 18, 1849.  He married Mollie Fields on February 11, 1873.  They had thirteen children, their names are: Oma Rowan, Barbara Rowan, Lizzie Rowan, Sherman Rowan, Roger Rowan, Josephine Rowan, Top Rowan, Pearl Rowan, Everett Rowan, Mary Rowan, Bessie Rowan, and two others whose first name are unknown.

Levi Rowan was born June 16, 1842.  He married Mary Fields in 1866.  They had twelve children.  Their names are:  Henry Stephen Rowan, Ella Rowan, Alvirta Rowan, Lela Rowan, Clemmie Rowan, Clayton Rowan, Ann Rowan, Francis Elizabeth Rowan, Lizzie Rowan, Della Rowan, and two others whose first name are unknown.

These individuals were key to the beginnings of the Rowan Family Reunion.  The chain has grown exponentially over the many years  through marriage and child birth.  We have become a large family with proud heritage and faith.  We honor those individuals, especially Harry and Catherine Rowan,  who sacrificed so much for our family allowing us to come together as one.  

This page contains the first and second generations of the Rowan Family.  We have, on record, seven generations of this family which will be added to this site at a later date.  We thank God for Our Family.

                                The First Rowan Family Reunion

The children of Henry and Mary Rowan thought it would bring sunshine into their mother's life by requesting all of her children, their families and as many relatives as possible meet at her home on a certain day to have dinner together.  This was the birth of the Rowan Reunion, which was held at Sutherland Station, Kentucky in 1896.

For many years the Rowan Reunion was held at the school in Petit, Kentucky, at which time the many relatives and friends assembled together to discuss the lives of their ancestors and become acquainted with each other.  When the school was burned down, the reunion was moved to the New Hope Baptist Church in Petit, where family and friends have assembled until 2001.

Documentary items of historical significance concerning the Rowan and related families were among the interesting articles placed in a capsule which was buried on the grounds of the Daviess County Public Square in Ownesboro in June, 1965. This was part of the local observance of Daviess County sesquicentennial.  This indestructible container was opened June, 2015, which marked the bi-centennial of Daviess County, Kentucky.


                                            Chain of Love

                            We made this chain unbreakable

                              We made this link unshakable

                             There is nothing left for us to do

                              But carry on and see it through.

                  composed by:  Cousin Geneva Kelly Mitchell


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