Circle of Joy
Circle of Joy
This registry will help us keep you better informed.  It will also allow us to build and maintain a family directory with essential information.  We need your help, please take a few minutes to fill in the information below and encourage other family members to do so.  The more we can share information with family members, the greater our family circle of joy becomes.  If you have family members who do not have or utilize the internet, obtain their permission to record their information in this registry.  You can enter your picture in the "Then and Now"  section of our registration form.  We would enjoy seeing your pictures and appreciating life's changes.   Your time and cooperation in completing this information is greatly appreciated.  We believe, as our ancestors did, "Family is Important".

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Ariana Rowan
Profile picture
Profile picture
Henderson County High School/ Apple bee's Single
I am the daughter of Kenchausa "Ken" Rowan and grand-daughter of William "Dolla Bill" Rowan. I have not yet been to the Rowan Family Reunion, but this year (2021) I absolutely look forward to attending and meeting all the amazing relatives I've heard so much about! I intend on making this a yearly tradition for myself, but also for my family in the future. I am beyond blessed to share the last name, Rowan. 

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Audra Rowan
Nursing Divorced 2
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Bayyanna Sutherland
Provider Enrollment Medicaid Specialist Single 1
Hey Family,

I'm the daughter of  Lawrence Winstead, granddaughter of R.V. & Evelyn Sutherland, Lee Chester Crump and the daughter of Tamara Sutherland. 
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Accounting clerk Single 1
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Brandi Hunter
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Profile picture
Student-Westlane Middle School Single
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Brandy James
Counselor Single 1

First Granddaughter of Dorothy Rowan Lindsey (Rockport, IN) married to Eldon Lindsey  Sr.
Daughter of Marsha Lindsey Williams (Peaches)

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brenita thruston (malone)
clerk @bmg Widowed 2
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claudia isom (harris)
teacher Married 2
I'm daughter of Lauretta Modock Isom of Owensboro, Kentucky. She's the daughter of Nannie B. Jones Fields, who was daughter of Mollie Jones. I haven't attended a Rowan reunion in many, many years, but I plan to be there in July with my mother (80 years), husband, children, nieces, and nephew. I'm so looking forward to "Remembering When the Family was Everything." I'm so proud of our website, and I'm going to forward this link to all. Love, Claudia Send claudia a MessageSend claudia a Message
Courtney Hubbard
Profile picture
Student Single

This is a VERY nice website for the Rowan Family. I am the great-granddaughter of Francis Rowan.  I've never been to a Rowan Family Reunion in my life but am looking forward to attending in 2008. =) 

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cynthia mayes (young)
Cosmetology instructor Single 8
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