Circle of Joy
Circle of Joy
This registry will help us keep you better informed.  It will also allow us to build and maintain a family directory with essential information.  We need your help, please take a few minutes to fill in the information below and encourage other family members to do so.  The more we can share information with family members, the greater our family circle of joy becomes.  If you have family members who do not have or utilize the internet, obtain their permission to record their information in this registry.  You can enter your picture in the "Then and Now"  section of our registration form.  We would enjoy seeing your pictures and appreciating life's changes.   Your time and cooperation in completing this information is greatly appreciated.  We believe, as our ancestors did, "Family is Important".

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Kathleen Bennett (Archer)
CMA Married 5
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Kela Smith
Family Support Specialist Single 1
Hello my name is Kela Smith my mothers maiden name is Rowan.  Her name is Kim.  Her father is Jerome Rowan.  He is deceased but he had 17 brothers and sisters.  We are from Louisville.  His mother and father is Morris Rowan and Mary (Lyons) Rowan.  His brothers and sisters are Morris Rowan Teddy Rowan Elsie Rowan Josephine Rowan Kenneth Rowan Jessie Rowan Ida Rowan Elma Rowan Mittie Rowan (deceased) Charles Rowan Ronnie Rowan (deceased) Pearl Rowan McKinnley Rowan William Rowan.  My great aunt Ida Rowan published a book called "Rising Above It All"  This books traces our family history back to My Old Kentucky Home. Send Kela a MessageSend Kela a Message
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Kelly Rowan Burrell
Married 3
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Kenny Riley
Deputy Sheriff-Supervisor Court Ssecurity Division Divorced
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Lauretta Dawolo (Dawolo Towns)
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Sales Associate Married 1
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Lyndon Rowan
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Ford Motor Company Married 6
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Lynn McCrary
retired Single
If you vist the ATL go my Centenniel Park in downtown Atlanta a see the Family Brick purchase during the Olympics by my sister, 176/ 171 Rowan Shively McCrary
I am a four and half year survivor of breast cancer. My recovery was smooth because of family and friends. See ya this summer in Louisville KY.
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Marilyn Giles (Arnold)
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Senior Public Service Administrator Single Again 2
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