Rowan Family Reunion
Celebrating Eight Generations
August 17, 2018
1 Year, 2 months and 3 days
our celebration.
The Family Tree
The Family Tree
The Rowan Family will celebrate it's one hundred and twenty-second consecutive reunion in Louisville Kentucky during August 18-20, 2017.  Historically, our familly reunion was held annually in Owensboro, Kentucky, as it is the closest place to it's origin.  The birth of the reunion resulted from the children of Henry and Mary Rowan who thought it would bring sunshine into their mother's life by requesting all of her family, their children and as many relatives as possible to meet at her home on a certain day for dinner.  This was the beginning of the Rowan Family Reunion, which was held at Sutherland Station, Kentucky in 1896.  The family later decided to come together annually during the third weekend of August.  It was  changed again to include the cities of Louisville Kentucky and Indianapolis Indiana, agreeing to a rotation among the three sites.  With relatives located throughout the country, it was decided a family web site would enhance our ability to share information with each other throughout the year.  Please visit the Photo Album page that contains pictures of past reunions and special events.  News about our family can be found on the Family News page, we will try to keep you as informed as possible.  Additional photos will be included in the albums as more become available.  We welcome your comments and suggestions for improving our website and have supplied you a Contact Us page.  

This site is another tool that will help preserve our proud history and share  information about the Rowan family.  Please share this link with other family members who can access this information from any computer having internet access throughout the world.    

Please include your information in the Family Directory that will help  keep you better informed.  As you will notice, some pages require a password to help preserve personal information.  We ask that guest viewing this site please sign in using the Guest Book page.  

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